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       Olive.She is a girl. Olive is a student at Rose Junior High School. She has brown eyes, and she looks so baeutiful. Olive has a close friend, her name is Anna. They are deskmate. Olive and Anna are different. But they can be than one.
        Olive is calm, but Anna is talkactive. Olive almost never tell about her her dreams. Olive just be a dreamer. Dreaming and dreaming along the day. She always wishes and hopees that her dreams come true. And Anna, she is a cheerful girl, talkactive, nice, kind and delightful. Anaa often sings a song for Olive. But Olive like to be silent. She smile from her lips. Olive and Anna like reading the book.

         Anna : “ Hello Olive , good morning. “
         Olive : “ Morning Ann.”
         Anna : “ Hi. Why do you just silent?”
         Olive : “ I think, I’m lonely here.”
         Anna : “ NO !”
         Olive : “ Thanks, you’re my best friend!”
 The bell is ringing.

         Anna : “ Let’s go to our class. Miss Ivana will be angry with us !”
         Olive : “ Come on.”

And they are running. Fast and faster.
* * * * * *

        Joe and Brown are friends. They are deskmate. Brown is a calm boy. He’s speaking without expressions. He’s just an orndinary boy. He is very odd.

         Joe        : “ Hi Brown.”
        Brown    : “ Hi Joe, how are you ?”
         Joe        : “ I’m fine and you ?”
        Brown    : “ Very well thanks.”
         Joe        : “ Brown yesterday, I got a letter from someone.
       Brown     : “ I don’t know.”

Yes, Brown is an odd man.
          And then, Alissa and Alisson come. They are twin girl.

        Alisson   : “ Hi,Joe . Alissa loves you !!
        Alissa     : “ NO !!!!”
        Alisson   : “ Shy but that is your dream.”
        Aissa      : “ No no………… I’m sorry.”

And then, they are joking, from faf.. Anna and Olive look at there and Olive’s face is bud and sad.

         Anna    : “ Hey, what’s the matter? Are you OK ?”
         Olive    : “ Yes, I’m.”
         Anna    : “OK, let’s go home.”

     Olive had arrived at home. She writes a letter. The paper of her letter is pink. Olive is writing.

   “Dear, Joe.
        How are you? I hope you are still hed thyas the as with me.
Joe, I want to be your friend. Wish you know my feeling.
                                                                                                            Your fans.”

       Olive go to the park. The park is beside of the drugstore. There are many tree, grass and bench on the park. Look at there……. Olive put her letter to over that bench, near the fountain. And then, she walks little by little.
       On the roadside, she thinking of some one. Dreaming, dreaming, dreaming. Every night, before sleep, Olive prays, “Hope my dreams comes true.”

         Joe and Brown are walking in the park. Brown says “ I’m tired. I want to sit.”
         Joe       : “ Yeah. We will sit down on that bench.”
                       “ hey what is it?”

         Joe takes that envelope and asks to Brown.

         Joe        : “ This for me.”
         Brown  : “ Up to you.”

         Joe reads that letter and try to reply the letter. Then he puts it again on the bench.

* * * * *

Then Olive think, if she say about Joe’s fan is Olive. What will it be? Olive so confused
Finally, Olive is writing a letter for Joe
The santences at letter is

“To     : Joe
“From : Olive

                            Joe, sorry. Really, your fan is me.
                     Up to u if you want to angry with me. But, I want to you know, please             
                      Respect me, be  a good friend for me. I want to be your friend. Sorry ,
                     maybe after this, I can’t be a your friend again. sorry


              Put the letter into a pink ervelope
Next, Olive gives that letter to Anna and then go run and run. Far and fat , Anna feel confursed. But , Anna give that letter to Joe

                “ Joe, this from Olive. I don’t know why
                  She give it from me.”
                “ Thank. ”
                “ Joe, I confused. Olive lose. I don’t know
                   Whera Olive go, where is she now?

         Joe reads the letter, he blames himself for Olive gone.
Oh, late,. For all, please don’t be a liar.

Author : Nur Fahmia, duty for eight grade

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