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Pembahasan 10 Soal TOEFL

Pembahasan 10 Soal TOEFL
1.       One of the most effective vegetable protein substitutes is the soybean...used to manufacture imitation meat products.
a.       Which can be
b.      It can be
c.       Who can be
d.      Can be
Pembahasan              : which can be, karena which menggantikan soybean (benda).
Pilihan B: it can be= digunakan pada kalimat atau frasa baru.
Pilihan C: who can be=who hanya digunakan sebagai pengganti kata ganti orang (manusia).
Pilihan D: can be=bukan kata ganti.
2.       ...1000 spesies of finch have been identified.
a.       As many as
b.      As many
c.       As much as
d.      Much as
Pembahasan              : as many as, karena artinya sejumlah.
Pilihan B: as many=tidak ada jumlahnya.
Pilihan C: as much as=sejumlah namun digunakan untuk sesuatu yang (uncountable, seperti, sugar, salt, and milk)
Pilihan D: much as=sebanyak tapi uncountable.
3.       The first electric lamp had two carbon rods from which vapor serves to conduct the current accross the gap.
Pembahasan=kata kerja yang digunakan pada kalimat ini ialah kata kerja lampau, sehingga, serves seharusnya menjadi served.
4.       A thunder head, dense clouds that rise high into the sky in huge columns, produce hail, rain, or snow.
Pembahasan=kata kuncinya ialah a thunder, yakni satu kata benda. Kata kerja yang dipakai pada kata benda satu benda, ditambah huruf s, maka yang benar ialah produces.
5.       According to the economic laws, the greater the demand...the price.
a.       Higher
b.      High
c.       The higher
d.      The high
Pembahasan=kata kuncinya ialah ada kata the greater, maka bentuk yang sama yaitu the higher.
6.       Despite of The Taft-Hertley act which forbids on fair union practices, some unions such as the air traftic controlles have voted to strike even though this action might endanger the national security.
Pembahasan=rumus dari despite yaitu despite+noun(phrase)/(verb+ing). Despite tidak diikuti kata of, sedangkan yang mengenakan kata of ialah inspite, maka kesimpulannya:
Inspite of+noun/verb+ing
7.       The continental US...that there are four time..
a.       Much big
b.      Too big
c.       So big
d.      Very big
Pembahasan=diisi adjective/adverb of manner.
8.       Benjamin West contributed a great deal to American art...
a.       Painting, teaching, and lecturing
b.      Painting, as a teacher and lecture
c.       Painting, teaching, and as a lecturer
d.      Painting, a teacher and a lecturer
Pembahasan=penggunaan kata benda, harus sama bentuknya, misalnya verb+ing semua.
9.       It was the invent of the hand-held electronic calculator that provided the original technology for the present generation of small but powerful computers.
Pembahasan=The invent, the+kata kerja, kurang benar. Seharusnya, the+diikuti kata benda. Kata benda dari kata invent adalah invention. Maka, disimpulkan bahwa=the invention.
10.   Not until a monkey is several years exhibit signs of independence frpm its mother.
a.       It begins
b.      Does it begin
c.       And begin
d.      Beginning
Pembahasan=does it begin, karena menggantikan kata a monkey.

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