Selasa, 01 Juli 2014

First Short Story Reading

This is a great examination for me to be a calm girl. Waited something till two months then happened just about fifteen minutes. What a great moment T.T
I will tell you how I can read a short story (you can imagine, short story that I wrote needed about 7 pages A4) for someone, he is my bestfriend.

I joined a book project, named Membaca Magelang Second. I wrote a short story about school memory in Magelang. I choosed my elementary school memory. This memory tell about he and I. He is Adrian Hasman Wicaksana, yeah. Hahaha we are bestfriend!

I sent this shor story on January 2014. Then this book launched on April 2014. A week before launching, I texted him to come that launching in Armada Town Square Magelang. He agreed and told me he would come. 

But the day, that afternoon, it was raining. It was Saturday. And next day after he would go to Bali Island. So, he could not come. But, its okay. Better to him to keep health than went to my event but he would be sick then. ^^

Our school are different location. We communicate just by phone. I wanted he read my short story. Just read. But its not easy. Both of us are busy busy busy :p

Yeee....the next time! Last June, we met again after being own and never meet around a year. We met on a course. After having course (that is first meeting course), I asked him to read my story. But you know? What he said to me? He was lazy T.T

Ya ya, both of us are different. I love writing and he loves listening music. So, he asked me (-_-) to read the story for him. Can you imagine?

As a good friend, I read it for him. I controlled sound, intonation, and tone, lol. In the end, I ordered him to write down everything in front of the book.
He wrote a word, just A WORD. Whats that?

Plus his signature.
Yah hahahah not bad. Here I get something.
Stay calm and don’t be selfish to others. Just wait for great moment.
Happy Reading -> Whats Membaca Magelang? -> click here :)

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