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Fragile: Voice From Newbie to Senior Electer

2014’s gift is general election. Yep, 17 tahun ini berkesempatan untuk ikutan pemilu. Dua kandidat yang menurut saya we ow we alias wow.
The reason why I’m writing this opinion is my sorrowness to see it. Why? Two candidates gave problems: two fortifications, one and two. Every candidate is carried by many parties. Then one of bad news I heard lately is some party also broke, some support number one (PS and HR) and another support two (JW-JK). Complicated kan?

Those candidates arised dissension. People should choose on of them on 9th July 2014. Absolutely, every candidate want to win this election. Many ways they do to campaign themselves. Nah, unfortunately, I think these campaign is not fair as people wish. One sympathizer stroke another sympathizer.

Campaign in Social Media
This time, social media is the one of strategic medias to attrack people attention. Yes, we know that it is important to show, close, and promote candidate’s self. Without permissions, if we sign in or see or read an article in internet site, we can find them. Finding them in internet is very very easy. Eventhough we dont wanna see, but their articles, news, or pictures spread out freely.
Those medias shared everything about those candidates. Ya, here a journalists carry datas to people. People should know 5W+1H’s candidates. People want to know further informations about candidates. This election made people curious. Of course, the candidates have their big issues, I think grey issues!
The bad news is, some medias are not fair. As I know (I was a journalist in my school and I followed a journalist workshop), a journalist should be fair, netral. But, as we see..not only newspaper and televisions, but also news sites.
Its called “black campaign”?
Gave and opened bad issues. Made people confused, you know? So do I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May be people have to search and find the truth of those bad issues. Issue is not always true. It is grey. But, how we can find if big medias have supported one candidate???? How? How? >,<

Citizen Opinion in Social Media
In fact, citizen, common people who are not journalists also wrote down their opinions. Ya, beside of increase writing ability, they shows theirself that they care about this election. Good citizen. So good, they are not apathetic citizen.
      Many medias give a place to share, for example Kompasiana, Twitter and Facebook (three strategic medias). I read many opinions here. Indonesian have a freedom to express everything as written in Indonesia’s law. These opinions which they wrote made me confused. Con fu sed.
1.      Kompasiana= as a member of it, I read people there. The writers are adult and smarter than me (absolutely laah). But, actually, I think some people sometimes still childish. They are mad and strike others to suppot a candidate.
2.                             Twitter and Facebook= as a member of it, lol, I see people there. Twitter is strategic, very very strategic media. Different with Kompasiana, Twitter has big members, from adolescent to adult. Without following or being sympathizer’s friend, we can find many opinions. And also campaign with profile picture is big bombing (apaan).

        Teenager Is Fragile
      Nah lo. Teenagers are fragile, right? I am teenager. We are teenager. We are newbie. We are beginner in politic world. We see on television, newspaper, and internet. We watched the debates and we read opinions and news.
      I see adults have choosed their choice. But, why they strike another candidate? Why they dont tollerate other? We are Indonesia. Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, this jargon should we hold together.
     We, the teenagers, are the next generation for this nation. How can they-adults-teach us like this? Why they can’t respect others? Why they speak loud? Do they think about how we feel to watch them?

        Friendship on Teenager’s Eye
    Eyesight never lie. People break friendship for this moment, yeah, general election. I see some people do that on my eyes. We, teenager, thought that finding friend, a true true friend is not easy. Build a network then you break out the net for supporting one and not tollerate others. This is crisis.
     Ukhuwah, halo, ukhuwah, u-k-h-u-w-a-h. How can you break it? If you are different, you should tollerate other kan? You taught to us to not strike our friends when we were children. But you, now, doing that.
     My friends, although we are teenagers (17 y.o-then), we must follow and choose one of the candidate. I think, as principle of election, it is secret (hehe). LUBE(R). We may not be pathetic citizen because we are the gold generation for this nation. We have to carry Indonesia to the better situation. If we are lazy, I can’t imagine how Indonesia in our hand.
"Be Peace. We have to reflect ourself. We are together, Friends. Whoever the president, we are Indonesia."

Dont be sepaneng when read this :p thank you! ^^

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