Senin, 06 Oktober 2014

Got Scholarship-President University

Now I'm in 3rd grade. I followed a test in my school, 19th Augs 2014. For the first time, I heard there is a university called "President Univ" in Indonesia. LOL. Wow, I thought that it is great with international university system.

I did bussiness mathematic, english, and psychotest. Hmm..I chose communication major lol. Kak Yandri, as speaker in my class said that we had to keep our test code. The code will be used to login in PresUniv's site (for scholarship announcement). My code: E700153.

Then this Oct, I looked for my result.

How can I get second scholarship...bzz. But yeah. I don't know I will pick it or not. I think I should sell this city to pay this tuition wkokkok

But at least, learning in a international environment will give great experience! *ahah*

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  1. sistem kuliahnya sepertinya memang bagus, tetapi mahalnya tak ketulungan.....saya pernah berkunjung ke sana dua kali dalam rangka Amprokan Blogger

  2. iya om :D masyaallah harganyaa hehe

    nuwun om sdh mampir :)


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