Senin, 16 Februari 2015

One Who Wants

Firstly, sorry to the boys. But, you are my reason why I'm writing this post. I hope, we can pick the message from this post.

I'm  not talking about the equality/difference between girl and boy, lady and man, female and male, or woman and man. No.

I'm just.....feeling and thinking: where is your feeling to us-girls?
You are seeing and knowing that us-girls are waiting to come home. I know, that we-girls and boys-are lazy to move those motorcycles from the school garage. But, can you see? We-girls are strange and odd if we move those motorcycles alone without boys kan ya? -_-

May be some boys will think that: do girls not need our help to move out?
Or what hnggggg..but.
But why after knowing that we-girls are waiting you-boys to move out, you-boys are still sitting down instead.

I know we-girls-boys do not like and we are tired! But, its strange if girls with our rempongness to move out motorcycles alone. -_______________-

Nevertheless, thanks God! Some boys still want to help us-girls. Thanks thanks thanks.

Now, I'm understanding. We do not need one who can, but one who wants.

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